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Follow the Dream Fundraiser Dinner w/ Zupe

5:30PM - 12:00PM

Wyndham Garden York2000 Loucks Road, York, PA, 17408

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Follow the Dream Fundraiser Dinner w/ Zupe


We will be hosting our third annual fundraising event to raise money for the Follow the Dream Scholarship Pageant hosted on June 20, 2020.  We hope you will join us for a night of great entertainment by Zupe and a wonderful diner provided by Follow the Dream.

We are offering your choice a Beef Dinner or a Chicken Breast Dinner.  So Please purchase the appropriate dinner choice ticket.


5:30PM - 12:00PM

Wyndham Garden York2000 Loucks Road, York, PA, 17408

Follow the Dream Mission

The mission of Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant Scholarship Inc. is to help young women grow professionally, emotionally and spiritually by inspiring, encouraging, and empowering them to pursue a higher education and to reach their full potential. In addition, we aim to show them how to demonstrate compassion for others by finding in others inherent goodness and integrity.

The power of the dream and the imagination is a remarkable thing. We aim to teach above all, that when you have a dream and you follow your dream you are living in the spirit of America and can achieve a life of happiness and success. It all begins with the dream.

We support and promote good moral character in our contestants and followers. We work to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families and to eliminate barriers to opportunity for personal growth, self-fulfillment and achievement.

Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant Scholarship, Inc. allows our contestants to distinguish themselves on the basis of quality education, self-confidence, and values.

We empower young women by awarding the winner a college scholarship because we firmly believe that “Education Builds A Stronger Tomorrow.” Those who do not finish in first place nonetheless complete the educational and character building program that is a required part of entry, which is designed to promote growth and help them become more equipped for life, learning, and achieving their dreams.


Follow The Dream Leadership

Amalia Gohn

Alma Gohn’s story began in the Philippines. She moved to the United States in 1983 seeking freedom and opportunity. While she is proud of her country of origin and its customs, faith and heritage, Alma believes American is an exceptional country.  Like many immigrants, she wanted to own a business to better pursue the American dream. She recognized that owning a business was not just a way to contribute to the well being of her family, but it would allow her to serve others.  To Alma, reaching her own success, while helping others, is the very essence of being an American.

To better pursue her dreams in 1987 she attended the Harrison School of Cosmetology in Harrison, Arkansas and in 1989 she established her first business, Ozark Styling Boutique.  In 1995 Alma married Ronald L. Gohn, and they relocated to the East Coast. In 1999 Alma established “Amalia’s Beauty Boutique” in Red Lion, PA. Alma focused on the beauty industry because, although she believes that inner beauty far more defines who we are, ladies should also put care, attention and take pride in their appearance; that level of attention takes God’s gift, makes it better inside and out, and then allows us to offer it back to Him.

A fashion show pageant held in front of her beauty salon in 2011 gave her the idea to establish the Follow the Dream Beauty Scholarship Pageant in order to focus more attention on helping young people improve their lives and build a better future with increased chances of success and happiness.  Now a major focus for Alma is finding others who, by their accomplishments in life have earned some degree of credibility within the community and a measure of financial success, to help her promote the gifts of young people.

“I know it sounds strange to some young people but in being selfless and self-sacrificing to help other people,” says Alma, “you not only feel better every day, but you are then more successful in reaching your own goals. You also draw to yourself other good, like-minded people.”

Jamesetta Howard

Jamesetta Howard has assisted with logistics, advertising, and policy planning for Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant Scholarship, Inc. She has an Associate’s degree in Accounting, a Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology, and a Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling. Jamesetta is a retired United States Air Force veteran and is an Elder at New wine worship center in York, PA.

Harold Ponce

Harold Ponce is an Advisor to the Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant, Inc.  and assists with recording its finance records.  He is a 2011 accounting graduate from Saint Paul University of Dumaguete, Philippines. He acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Management that same year. His work experience includes Billing Specialist and accounting manager. 

Mary Grace Rainey

Mary Grace Rainey is an Advisor to the Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant, Inc. She graduated from Villanova University and currently works as a registered nurse for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  She also works part time in the Financial Service Marketing Industry. In previous years, she worked for United States Aid for International Development (USAID) managing community development projects.

Michael Sell

Michael is an Advisor to the Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant, Inc.  He owns the Creative Environments by Michael located in York, PA. This organization primarily operates in the Business Activities at Non-commercial Site business / industry within the Business Services sector.

Valerie Shutt

Valerie Shutt is an advisor and solid supporter of The Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant, Inc. She was born in the Philippines and raised in the United States from the age of 13. Among other things, she is a professional Disc Jockey, which is a much needed skill in hosting and motivating the supporters of Follow the Dream fundraising and pageant events.


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